Why are Green Sandwich Panels TM Green?

Green Sandwich Panels TM are the �greenest� building product with the highest rated LEED score for structural products in the United States.

Recycled material content is 40% by weight and 60% by volume; waste is 100% recyclable.�
Green Sandwich Panels’ TM foam core is 70 to 100% re-ground foam, depending upon local manufacturer�s capacity.�
The wire mesh is 40% recycled steel (autos, etc.) and the shotcrete skins are a minimum of 40% coal fly ash.

In addition, Green Sandwich Panels TM energy performance and thermal efficiency are superior to almost any other type of construction.�

The insulation (core) and exterior concrete skin isolate the interior skin from the effects of the outdoor temperature, permitting a true thermal flywheel behavior by the interior skin.�
The two monolithic, joint free skins and the foam core stop almost all leaking which gives Green Sandwich Panels TM an R-40 insulation performance.� This means that a conventionally constructed building would need to be built to an R-40 insulation rating standard to match the performance of a Green Sandwich Technologies’ building.

�The R-40 performance translates into not only a cost savings for the owner and/or operator of any building; it also presents design opportunities not otherwise available, produces massive energy/power savings (40-60% better than a conventional building) and allows the design & installation of a reduced size H.V.A.C. system as the heating & cooling loads will be dramatically reduced.

Because the concrete skins on Green Sandwich Panels TM are typically applied with a dry-mix shotcrete, the construction process water usage compared to stucco or tilt-up construction is greatly reduced.

Portability equals sustainability.� Green Sandwich Panels TM are typically manufactured within 250 miles of the installation site.� Additionally, for larger projects, Green Sandwich Panels TM can be manufactured on-site, reducing transportation emissions to almost zero.

Green Sandwich Panels TM can be fabricated with a core of 100% locally-harvested bio-mass.� Because of this, the source of this bio-mass can readily be �rapidly renewable�, such as orchard trimmings, road-side weed growth, straw and/or stalk mowings, etc.